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Zhejiang Huahai Heli Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
Zhuji Huahai Spandex Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Hanyu Import & export Co.,Ltd.
Zhuji Huahai Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Penglai Huahai Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Huazhan New material Co.,Ltd.
Zhuji Huazhan Investment Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Huazhan Transport Co.,Ltd.
Penglai Huahai Real Estate Co., Ltd.    
   Penglai Huahai Real Estate Co., Ltd. locate in the beautiful seaside city“Fairyland Penglai”. and established on the July of 2007,it is the real estate development enterprises and invested & hold by Zhejiang Huahai Machinery Group. Main business is development and sales of real estate. The registered capital is 12 millions US Dollars, have 26 staff and 2 staff of senior positional title, 7 staff of intermediate positional title and 12 staff of primary positional title.
   The enterprise always insist on the Huahai enterprise culture of “ high efficiency, excellence, service, dedication” , has won many honors of “Advanced enterprise of tax contribution”,” Consumer satisfaction units Yantai” “Awardwinning best design architecture” “ Awardwinning high quality of construction engineering structure Yantai” “Demonstration community of universal fault of non-quality Yantai” .
Penglai Huahai Real Estate Co., Ltd. will supply high-quality building and high-
efficiency service and have some admirable architecture artwork in the city, as we already believe “build by heart, building can feel” !!
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