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Zhejiang Huahai Heli Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Zhuji Huahai Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
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Zhuji Huahai Real Estate Co.,Ltd.    
   Zhuji Huahai Real Estate Co.,Ltd. founded by Zhejiang Huahai Machinery Group with Independent investment, it is a comprehensive development enterprise who engaged in exploitation , operation and management of real estate . Enterprise based on the local market, In the build high quality residential projects, insist on the management style of science, solidity, active enterprising, implement the development & investment strategy of many region, escalate the reputation of Huahai brand.

Huahai. Modern City
  Huahai. Modern City locate in the administrative center of Datang and next to Chengguan . it is a mature center of administrative, business and living. Completed ancillary facilities all around, government office, farmers market, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, hospital, police station etc. everything needed is there, and close at hand.

  Huahai. Modern City build in the huahai group’s birthplace of primitive accumulation of capital, magnificent building of 110 thousands of sq.m., with 30% green coverage, especially create 3 landscape of entry, centre, house, 18 high-rise building with 710 magnificent houses. Keep to live harmoniously with nature, take the green landscape and building more beautiful and grandly, design the comfortable environment for the communication of neighborhood, community culture, and sports, pay attention to complementary & inosculation of various of vegetation, create a living environment of elegantly, peachful , comfortable, achieve a greatest community and build a wonderful life story.

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