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President's oration    

  The next few years, Zhejiang Huahai Machinery Group will build the base of advanced manufacturing enterprises as an opportunity, take technological innovation as a driving force, keep the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity, constantly improve the product quality and enterprise class, try to take the group become a production base of textile machinery and spandex fiber, achieve the intention of National high-tech. & National key Enterprise with a integration of science, industry and trading . Enterprise start to invest the business of real estate from 2007, and has already got a considerable profits. Keep the base of productive enterprise on 2012, start to develop to the resource enterprise. More laid the foundation for the multi-industry of textile machinery, fibre , real estate, investment , transportation, mining etc.
  Planning to 2015, Zhejiang Huahai Machinery Group will become to a large enterprise with sales of 800 million US Dollars. Include the annual capacity of 8000 sets textile machinery of water jet loom, air jet loom, jig dyeing machine, etc. the sales income will be 100 millions US dollars, and the annual capacity of 50000 tons of spandex ,include 42000 tons of Toyobo spandex and 8000 tons of Nisshinbo spandex. the sales income will be 500 millions US Dollars. and the annual capacity of 730 thousands tons of mineral, the sales income will be 200 millions US Dollars.

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